The Relaxation Biofeedback Sound

Information and Instructions:

  • For memory training, you can listen to the sound below this for up to an hour a day. It helps performance, and is also the brain rhythm we make more of when we feel calm concentration and compassion.
  • This sound rhythm has been shown to increase a brain rhythm for relaxing, and it has been shown to lower anxiety by more than 58% more than music in hospital patients. It has also been shown to lower pain in people living with daily, chronic pain by 77% in university research.
  • You can listen to it while working, reading, relaxing, or as a background sound to other things. Listening to it by itself will have more of an effect.
  • It helps to try and learn the rhythm like you learn a music rhythm, so you can remember how to make it on your own later without listening. This is a form of biofeedback with sound.
  • If you listen for 30 days in a row, please take a 5 day break to see how it is effecting you.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Please only listen while sitting, lying down, or exercising in a way where you let go of the outside world. The sounds will affect your attention. Don’t listen while operating machinery, anything dangerous, or driving. Also, please listen while sober.
  • Please use headphones when you are listening with other people, unless they want or need to practice the same rhythms.
  • Please stop listening if the sound negatively affects you or someone else.
  • If you have a history of seizures, please listen to ocean sounds that you can find on YouTube.