The Focus Biofeedback Sound

Information and Instructions:

  • For memory training, you can listen to the sound below this for up to an hour a day. It helps performance, and is also the brain rhythm we make more of when we feel calm concentration and compassion.
  • This rhythm is shown to increase mental performance for adults and children who are doing well, or who want to restore their memory. It is also shown in research to lower impulsive behavior in children with impulsivity problems from ADHD by 50% or more.
  • You can listen to it while working, reading, relaxing, or as a background sound to other things. Listening to it by itself will have more of an effect.
  • It helps to try and learn the rhythm like you learn a music rhythm, so you can remember how to make it on your own later without listening. This is a form of biofeedback with sound.
  • If you listen for 30 days in a row, please take a 5 day break to see how it is effecting you.
  • You can also take it while taking a memory test to see how it affects you after you have used it for more than 14 times. The effects will stay with you.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Please only listen while sitting, lying down, or exercising in a way where you let go of the outside world. The sounds will affect your attention. Don’t listen while operating machinery, anything dangerous, or driving. Also, please listen while sober.
  • Please use headphones when you are listening with other people, unless they want or need to practice the same rhythms.
  • Please stop listening if the sound negatively affects you or someone else.
  • It works to increase focus and memory. Please only listen to it within 6 hours of waking up.